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With interest in all aspects of creative media, I have a diverse portfolio of music, web, graphic and video project.
I started off in graphic design and still practice it as a hobby, when I feel inspired it usually gets turned into a piece that means something to me.
I put together mixes of various music styles for fun which usually puts me in a good mood and provides inspiration for even more designing.
As a web designer I can incorporate all of my skills to put together a piece of art.


Name: Aaron O’Brien

Position; Junior Web Developer

Date of Birth: 11/09/1992

Most Disliked Font? Helvetica Neue

Email: Aaron.O’

How would you describe your design style?

Personal, flashy & with a touch of chaos.
Inspired by music, current affairs & design trends.

Get social with me!
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Secret skill?

  • Spinning on my head & rapping gangsters paradise in under 45 seconds.
  • Can talk in English, Canadian, American, Australian & Scottish.
  • Probably the best air drummer you will ever meet

When you’re not working, what can you be found doing?

  • Causing havoc on online games
  • Raiding & Raving in your local Drum&Bass Venue