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I’m an optimist who likes to take the best from anything. I’ve held a passion for art, design and interactive development for a long time and have had the pleasure of being able to pursue a career in this field over the past few years which has only built upon my interests. I always aim to push myself from my comfort zone and allow myself to learn new things In whatever captures my interest. Pretty much a Jack of all trades!


Name: Sean Mcardle

Position; Graphic Designer

Date of Birth: 30/01/1992

Most Disliked Font? Jokerman


How would you describe your design style?

Minimalistic and simple. Straight to the point and informative, occasionally with a dash of colour if I’m feeling it! Some would say modern, but that’s open to interpretation…

Secret skill?

I have a knack for fixing things! From a young age i’ve enjoyed taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick. Give me the right part and your electronics will be as good as new! (Available for children’s parties!)

When you’re not working, what can you be found doing?

I enjoy being hands on and getting stuck into something for hours on end. This includes getting extremely engrossed in a video game and wasting an hour (or 10), developing my own personal design work for my online store, or even 3D Modelling!